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Lunsford Honorees: Spring and Summer 2020

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About the Spring/Summer 2020 Lunsford Honorees

From Spring 2020 through Summer 2021, all PWR 2 courses were taught online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, Lunsford award honorees would present in front of a live audience and two winners would be selected. Giving and recording an oral presentation in an online environment provided both new challenges but also new possibilities and we saw a range of creative and powerful responses to oral presentation research. This gallery represents exemplary work from students produced in their fully online environments during Spring quarter 2020 and Summer quarter 2020, and we honor all of these students for their excellent research and delivery.

Watch highlights from the Spring/Summer honoree presentations -- with an introduction by former PWR Faculty Director, Andrea Lunsford -- and then scroll down for access to their full presentations.

Lunsford Honorees for Spring & Summer 2020

Analaura Amezquita Calam: "The Pandemic of Fear"

Course: I ___ Therefore I Am? The Rhetoric of 21st-Century Identity

Instructor: Donna Hunter

Cyan D'Anjou: "The Influence and Value of Digital Communities"

Course: Global Literacy and Visual Rhetorics

Instructor: Samah Elbelazi