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The Lunsford Award Presentations Archive

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Lunsford Winners and Finalists, Fall 2021 - present

Watch video recordings of Lunsford Award winners, finalists, and other honorees in the Presentation Archive. Presentation Videos are archived by year, as follows:

Lunsford Winners for Winter 2024


  • Annabelle Davis, "Outside the World: Community, Culture and Utopian Ideas in Antarctic Stations" from Gabrielle Moyer's PWR 2 course, All of Us or None: Rhetorics of Belonging
  • Krystal Li, "State of the Arts: What it Means to Create Alongside Technology" from Mutallip Anwar's PWR 2 course, The Rhetoric of Generative AI


  • Ava Acevedo, "Harvesting Hope: Securing Farmworker Futures in the Age of AI" from Ruth Starkman's PWR 2 course, Ethics and AI
  • Lesly Castillo, "Fear of the Female: Interpreting the Female Role and Gender-oppressive Structures in Horror Film" from Julia Schulte's PWR 2 course, Haunted: Rhetoric of Ghosts
  • Nicole Dye, "The Damning Demographics: How Sex and Age Influence Medical Treatment" from Jennifer Stonaker's PWR 2 course, In Science We Trust
  • Claudia Lewis, "The Evolving Language of Evangelism: Parasocial Preaching in the Digital Age" from Cassie Wright's PWR 2 course, The Rise of the Guru: Rhetorics of Influencer Culture

Lunsford Winners for Fall 2023

Winners: Adri Arquin, Araha Uday 
Finalists: Claire Beamer, Jason Hu

Lunsford Winners for Spring 2023

Winners: Aya Hilal, Ursula Neuner 
Finalists: Nicholas Macedo, Liam Rose, Lila Shroff, Jay Yu

Lunsford Winners for Winter 2023

Winners: Lauren Reyes, Anna Zheng
Finalists: Christopher BadilloMaria CorreaAuddithio Nag

Chaelyn Rigmaiden-Anderson: "Professionalism of Black Hair: Workplace Standards or a Continuation of Bondage?"

Course: Rhetorics of Professionalism

Instructor: Brittany Hull

Lunsford Winners for Spring 2022

Winners: Max Jardetzky, Kaelyn Ong
Finalists: Brett Chy, Lorenzo Del Rosario, Sherwin Lai, Tejas Narayanan

Lunsford Winners for Winter 2022

Winners: Amantina Rossi, Haley Stafford
Finalists: Aden Beyene, Max Du, Nikita Salunke

Haley Stafford: "Environmental Equity at Bay: Climate-Driven Evictions in Jakarta, Indonesia"

Course:  Writing about Cities

Instructor: Lisa Swan

Lunsfords Winners for Fall 2021

Winners: Ijeoma Alozie, Liv Jenks
Finalists: Ashlee Kupor, Caroline Schurz, Usman Tariq

Liv Jenks: "Charting a Car-Free Route Forward: Addressing Resident Opposition to Green Urbanism"

Course:  Writing about Cities

Instructor: Lisa Swan

Lunsford Honorees for Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021

From Spring 2020 through Summer 2021, all PWR 2 courses were taught online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, Lunsford award honorees would present in front of a live audience and two winners would be selected. Delivering and recording an oral presentation in an online environment provides both new challenges but also new possibilities, and we saw a range of creative and powerful responses to oral presentation research during our six quarters online. We've created a gallery of Spring/Summer 2020 honoreesFall 2020 honorees, Winter 2021 honorees, and Spring/Summer 2021 honorees, featuring the exemplary work that students produced in their fully online environments.

Lunsford Honorees prior to 2020

View additional presentations from Lunsford winners and finalists from 2009 - 2014 and 2015 - 2019.