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Lunsford Winners: 2009-2014

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Watch video recordings of Lunsford Award winners, finalists, and other honorees in the Presentation Archive. Presentation Videos are archived by year, as follows:

Lunsfords Winners for Fall 2014

Winners: Libby Scholz, Henry Wilson-Smith
Nominees: Jessica Ancajas, Gloria Chua, Joy Wang, Moiead Charawi, Dylan Simmons, Victoria Yeow, Alex Feldman, Deshae Jenkins, Sarah Anne Young, Bryant Eugene Johnson, Chris Fleming

Libby Scholz: "Keep it Zipped: The Role of the Politician's Wife in Sex Scandals"

Course: 'Like' this Course: The Rhetoric of Public Relations
Instructor: Erica Cirillo-McCarthy

Henry Wilson-Smith: "The Efficacy of Symbols in Protest - Hong Kong and the Yellow Umbrella"

Course: Global Protest and Civil Unrest: The Rhetoric of Resistance
Instructor: Emily Polk

Lunsfords Winners for Spring 2014

Winners: Heather Glenny, Christie Bao Thu Nguyen
Nominees: Jed Paul, Nathan Staffa, Adrian Rodriguez,  Emilia Schrier,  Ben Mittelberger, Emily Law, Henry Ishitani, Eve Simister, Brian Hie, Michael Peterson, Sage Cammers-Goodwin, Samuel Hanson

Heather Glenny: "The Art of Breakfast: Are Skinnier Spokescharacters Harmful to Society"

Course: The Great and Powerful Oz: The Rhetoric of Spokespersons
Instructor: Kathleen Tarr

Christie Bao Thu Nguyen: "Confronting Rape: A Comparison of Modern Anti-Rape Protests Facilitated Online With Those ‘In the Streets’"

Course: Global Protest and Civil Unrest: The Rhetoric of Resistance
Instructor: Emily Polk

This presentation contains content that may be disturbing for some viewers.

Lunsfords Winners for Winter 2014

Winners: Abby Fanlo, John Miller
Nominees: Cyerra Holmes, David Kay, Jordyn Irwin, Whitney Hooper, Amy Bearman, Sara Maurer, Daly Montgomery, Katherine Evers, Cynthia De Dalmady, Ted Li, Alyssa Eldridge, Sophie Harrison

Abby Fanlo: "A Memorial to the Triumphs and Tragedies of Breast Cancer"

Course: Designing Memorials: Building Rhetoric into Commemoration
Instructor: Zachary Sifuentes
This presentation contains content that may be disturbing for some viewers.

John Miller: "HAL Meets Heidegger: Engineering and Humanities Philosophies of Technology"

Course: Mashups and Popular Culture
Instructor: Kevin DiPirro

Lunsfords Winners for Fall 2013

Winners: Andy Aude, Greg Ramel
Nominees: Chris Middleton, Jacob Winnikoff,  Jamie Cantero, Mira Nencheva, Mark Walsh, Renjie Wong

Andy Aude: "Solving the "NSA Problem" Responsibly"

Course: P-Sets, Midterms and Essays: Making Time for Social Change in a Busy World
Instructor: Donna Hunter

Greg Ramel: "Rebooting the Rhetoric of Alcohol"

Course: The Red Pill or the Blue Pill: The Rhetoric of Drugs
Instructor: Russ Carpenter

Lunsfords Winners for Spring 2013

Winners: Monica Ellwood-Lowe, Peter Lessler
Nominees: Adam Khorakiwala, David Dindi, John McMordie, Alison Nguyen, Luke Lorentzen, Julia Purcell, Danny McKay, Sean Hiroshima, Gerar Mazarakis, Matthew Pick

Monica Ellwood-Lowe: "Mental Health Treatment at Stanford University"

Course: Lie Detection and the Social Function of Deception
Instructor: Sigrid Streit

Peter Lessler: "Narrative Thinking in Friendship: The Case of Steinbeck and Dook"

Course: Other Selves: The Art and Science of Friendship
Instructor: Sarah Pittock

Lunsfords Winners for Winter 2013

Winners: Sam Cady, Clayton Evans, Doug Safreno
Nominees: Sophie Christel, Arthur Brant, Felix Boyeaux, Karthik Viswanathan, Isaac Maddan, Melody Wong, Brian Deutsch, Lindsey Txakeeyang, Alex Brinas and Alec Winograd

Sam Cady: "The Era of Political Fandom"

Course: Superfans and Scholars: Writing Fan Culture
Instructor: Susan Schuyler-Olmsted

Clayton Evans: "Why Teachers Are Like Starving Artists"

Course: The Rhetoric of Art and Commerce
Instructor: John Peterson

Doug Safreno: "Steve Jobs: The Metis Touch"

Course: It's About Time: Seizing Opportunity in Rhetoric, Writing, and Performance
Instructor: Kelly Myers

Lunsfords Winners for Fall 2012

Winners: Chi Ling, Selamile Dlamini
Nominees: Josh Mendoza, Annalisa Boslough, Paul Caroll, Eleanor Walker, Zak Whittington, Jono Bentley, Sean Hiroshima, Gerar Mazarakis, Matthew Pick

Chi Ling: "Spirit of our Times: Visualizing World Values"

Course: Information Design:  Visual Language of Graphic Communication
Instructor: Sohui Lee

Selamile Dlamini: "Inland Borders and Xenophobic Violence in South Africa"

Course: Claiming Citizenship: Membership & Rights in Public Discourse
Instructor: Chris Kamrath
This presentation contains content that may be disturbing for some viewers.

Lunsfords Winners for Spring 2012

Winners: Sasha Arijanto, Emma Botta
Nominees: Robin Jia, Kelsey Dang, Trevor Jansen Mooney, Isabel Lopez Isabel, Micah Siegel, Ian Ball, Alex Martinez, Kevin Shutzberg, Konstantine Buhler

Sasha Arijanto: "Computer Mediated Lives"

Course: Me and My iPod: The Rhetoric of Identity
Instructor: Donna Hunter

Emma Botta: "Musicians and Revolution: A Case Study of Bob Dylan and Ramy Essam"

Course: Stepping Out of Shadows: Music, the Bass Guitar, and the Rhetoric of Revolution
Instructor: Rod Taylor

Lunsfords Winners for Winter 2012

Winners: Alexandra Cox, Dave Corcoran
Nominees: Veronica Polin, Monica Masiello, Sophia Villarreal, Dan Ashton, Prakash Sanker, Clarie Colberg, Zain Zaidi, Tim Huang

Alexandra Cox: "War without Shooting"

Course: Olympic Rhetoric: Studying the Spirit of the Games
Instructor: Kelly Meyers

Dave Corcoran: "Digital Tools and the Contemporary Music Maker"

Course: Unperforming Ourselves: The Design and Craft of Presentation
Instructor: Kevin DiPirro

Lunsfords Winners for Fall 2011

Winners: Riley Majeune, Kyle Vandenberg

Riley Majeune: "The Art of Political Satire and The Colbert Report"

Course: The Rhetoric of Art and Commerce
Instructor: John Peterson

Kyle Vandenberg: "Beyond Judging a Book by its Cover: Inaccurate Teacher Expectations in Early Classroom Settings"

Course: Rhetoric and Education Reform
Instructor: John Lee

Lunsford Winners for Spring 2010-2011

Winners: Kyle Moy, Alison Roy-Ting

Kyle Moy: "Differentiating BMW via the Art Car Project"

Course: Got Ads?  Rhetorics of Visual Design in Print Advertising
Instructor: Sohui Lee

Alison Roy-Ting: "Messianic Dictatorship"

Lunsford Winners for Winter 2011

Winners: Imani Franklin, Patrick Kennedy
Nominees: Derek Ouyang, Torry Castellano, Taylor McAdam, Maxine Litre, Emily Henriksson, Jason Dodson, Brian Swenson, Taylor Savage, David Sunde

Imani Franklin, "To Be Young, White, and Male: An Exploration of White Male Identity"

Course: Me and my iPod: The Rhetoric of Idenity
Instructor: Donna Hunter

Patrick Kennedy, "Satire, Cynicism, and American Politics"

Course: What’s so funny? Humor, Race, Class and Gender
Instructor: Helle Rytkonen

Lunsford Winners for Fall 2010

Winners: Cyana Chilton, Jacob Portes
Nominees: Blake Ricardo Emmerson, Amin Aalipour, Jake Ayala, Krista Ryu, Adam Klein, Ben King, Danna Seligman, Tyler White

Cyana Chilton, "Learning Together: Incorporating Technology into Education"

Jacob Portes, "The Cultural Disintegration of Ladino Jewry in New York"

Lunsford Winners for Spring 2010

Winners: Karen Hauser, Nick Mascarenhas

Karen Hauser, "End of Life Counseling"

Nick Mascarenhas: "Rhetoric of Fun: The Festival, the Carnival, and the Circus"

Lunsford Winners for Winter 2010

Winners: Ellery Drake, Patrick Kelly
Nominees: Alison Fong, Thuy-Vy (Vivian) Ho, Peiley Lau, Brian Louie, Liliana Lucero-Sanchez, Laura Lynch, Andres Moreno, Daniel Smith

Ellery Drake, "Raunch Culture"

Patrick Kelly, "Is the Internet the Future of Television"

Lunsford Winners for Fall 2009

Winners: Caroline Chen, Max 'Cougar' Oswald
Nominees: Matt Chalmers, Alex Chen, Colin Gray, Tara Gu, Alex Kasner, Alison McInnis

Caroline Chen, "Redefining the Essay"

Max 'Cougar' Oswald, "Technology Is Advancing, Are We?"