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The PWR Commitment to Students

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The PWR Commitment to Students

The PWR requirement directly supports student development in reading, writing, revising, researching, and presenting at the university level.  PWR courses rely on both student-centered instructional methods and classroom activities and full participation from all students in building the classroom community.  All features of PWR courses listed below contribute to students’ growth in the effective practice of rhetorical communication. 

In their PWR 1 or PWR 2 course, students can expect the following:

  • At least one 30-minute individual conference for each major writing or oral presentation project assigned in the course.
  • Formal written feedback on at least one draft of every major writing project, supplemented by any informal written notes that result from conferences. 
  • Carefully-planned classroom activities focused on the students' own writing and the writing process in the context of the major course assignments.
  • Instructor feedback on student work (both written and oral) in a timely fashion, generally within 7 days of submission of the draft or revision.
  • Detailed writing, research, and presentation assignments in alignment with the descriptions and recommended lengths provided on the PWR website.
  • Information about the writing and speaking support available through the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking.
  • Clear written procedures for submission of assignments (whether paper copies or electronic submissions).
  • A detailed calendar for the quarter’s PWR work, including key dates such as draft due dates, conference dates, and library/OCT workshops.

Expectations for Students in PWR Courses

All Stanford students have the responsibility to commit themselves to their academic work in ways that will increase their learning.  In PWR courses, following the guidelines below will give you the best chance of growing as a writer, researcher, reviser, and presenter:

  • Attend every class session.
  • Come prepared to every class session, having completed all reading and writing assignments.
  • Meet all due dates for written work, including drafts and revisions.
  • Show up on time for all conferences with questions about how to improve your work.
  • Participate in classroom activities including peer review, discussions, and other reading and writing activities.
  • To approach the work of the course with the habits of mind critical for success at the university level: intellectual curiosity, openness to new ideas, critical engagement, and creativity.
  • To conduct yourself in accordance with the Honor Code and Fundamental Standard.

Overall, we expect you to communicate with your PWR instructor about any issues related to the course.  Clear and timely communication can anticipate many standard problems that come up in the course of a quarter; thinking that it’s better to miss classes and due dates rather than let your instructor know what’s happening to impede your progress will always make matters worse.