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PWR 1 Course Equivalence

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PWR 1 Course Equivalency

To be considered equivalent to a PWR 1 course, your course must have required:

  • 7,500 to 9,000 words in writing spread over several substantial assignments;
  • An analysis-based essay;
  • A research-based argument (of at least 3000 words) incorporating at least 10 sources;
  • An assignment that asks you to consider the “conversation” between sources on a topic (similar to a literature review);
  • A drafting and revision stage with instructor feedback for all major assignments;
  • One-to-one in-person meetings between the instructor and student for each major assignment;
  • Consistent formal pedagogy/instruction related to writing integrated into the course.

These elements must have all been present in a single course; you cannot submit several classes together.