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PWR Boothe Prize Essay Archive

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Boothe Prize essays for 2021-2022

The 2021-2022  Boothe Prize book will be available as a PDF and ebook after June 15, 2022.

PWR Winners for 2021-2022

  • Angélique Charles-Davis (Winner, Spring/Summer 2021). “America’s Broken Promise: Examining Black Racial Identity in the School Choice Binary." Instructor: Lisa Swan.
  • Jade Araujo (Honorable Mention, Spring/Summer 2021). "A Legacy of Safety: Comprehensive Policy for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women." Instructor: Roberta Wolfson.
  • Sofia Gonzalez-Rodriquez (Winner, Fall 2021). "Cuando Colón baje el dedo.“" Instructor: Daniel Bush. 
  • Parker Kasiewicz (Honorable Mention, Fall 2021). "Automate Checkmate: The Case for Creativity in Computer Chess." Instructor: Shay Brawn.
  • Winner: Zarif Ahsan (Winner, Winter 2022). “An Archive of Half-Silence: Incorporating Female Sexual Violence Narratives into Public Histories of the 1971 Bangladeshi Genocide.” Instructor: Efrain Brito.
  • Cassidy Dalva (Honorable Mention, Winter 2022). "Syncretism or Disappearance? Understanding the Acculturation of Sephardic Jews.” Instructor; Sangeeta Mediratta.

Boothe Prize essays for 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 year's Boothe Prize book is available as a PDF and as an eBook.

PWR Winners for 2020-2021

Prize essays for 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 year's Boothe Prize book is available as a PDF.

PWR Winners for 2019-2020

Prize essays for 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 year's Boothe Prize book is available as a PDF.

PWR Winners for 2018-19

Prize essays for 2017-2018

The 2017-2018 year's Boothe Prize book is available as a PDF.

PWR Winners for 2017-18

Prize essays for 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 year's Boothe Prize book is available as a PDF.

PWR Winners for 2016-17

Prize essays for 2015-2016

Boothe Prize essays for 2015-16 (complete book - PDF)

Prize essays for 2014-2015

Prize essays for 2013-2014

    PWR Winners for 2013-14

    Boothe Prize essays for 2012-2013

    PWR Winners for 2012-13

    Boothe Prize essays for 2011-2012

    PWR Winners for 2011-2012

    Boothe Prize essays for 2010-2011

    PWR Winners for 2010-2011

    IHUM Winners for 2010-2011

    Boothe Prize essays for 2009-2010

    PWR Winners for 2009-2010

    IHUM Winners for 2009-2010

    • Fiona Hinze (Spring 2009 Winner): "An Encounter with Angel Island"
    • Mia Newman (Spring 2009 Honorable Mention): "Under the Yoke: The Institution of Marriage in Middlemarch"
    • Alex Hertz (Fall 2009 Winner): "A Challenging Invitation to Faith"
    • Ben Pittenger (Fall 2009 Honorable Mention): "Trains, Pains, and Automobiles: The Liminal Trek beyond Survival in The Piano Lesson and Maus I"
    • Kelly Vicars (Winter 2010 Winner): "Intertwining Art"
    • Evan Storms (Winter 2010 Honorable Mention): "Antigone and the Social Contract Theory of the Crito"

    Boothe Prize essays for 2008-2009

    PWR Winners for 2008-2009

    IHUM Winners for 2008-2009

    • Sarrah Nomanbhoy (Spring 2008 Winner): "Embracing Ambiguity in 'Bartleby the Scrivener'"
    • Nicole Gordon (Spring 2008 Honorable Mention): "When a Silent Killer Confronts a Silent Society: Stanford University's Response to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic from 1980-1989"
    • Adam Adler (Fall 2008 Winner): "Wisconsin v. Yoder: Maximizing Religious Choice"
    • Rachel Kolb (Winter 2009 Winner): "Thought Aids Acting, Not Action: Laurence Olivier's and Franco Zeffirelli's Versions of Hamlet"
    • Jacob Vandermeer (Winter 2009 Honorable Mention): "Identity Manipulation in Candide andThe Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano as Model for the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World"

    Boothe Prize essays for 2007-2008

    PWR Winners for 2007-2008

    Boothe Prize essays for 2006-2007

    PWR Winners for 2006-2007

    Boothe Prize essays for 2005-2006

    PWR Winners for 2005-2006

    IHUM Winners for 2005-2006

    • Jessica Lee (Spring 2005 Winner): "Death of the Faces of God"
    • Julie Byren (Spring 2005 Honorable Mention): "If You're Lost Enough to Find Yourself: Unveiling Nature's Secrets in Robert Frost's 'October' and 'Directive'"
    • Patrick Leahy (Fall 2005 Winner): "The Three Furies of Dublin"
    • Nathan Pflueger (Fall 2005 Honorable Mention): "Hamlet's Imagined Filial Love"
    • Sarah Johnson (Winter 2006 Winner): "Breaking the Watch Along With the Wedding Glass: Conceptions of Time in the Transition from Biblical to Rabbinic Judaism" 
    • Jason Dunford (Winter 2006 Honorable Mention): "Empowering the Oppressed: The Role of Language in the Struggle Against Apartheid in South Africa"

    Boothe Prize essays for 2004-2005

    PWR Winners for 2004-2005

    IHUM Winners for 2004-2005

    • Wendy Hagenmaier (Spring 2004 Winner): “‘To render it:’ Acts of Structural Passion in Levertov’s ‘An English Field in the Nuclear Age’.”
    • Lia Hardin (Spring 2004 Honorable Mention): “Hear the Thunder: Isolation and Emotional Power in Kafka and Eliot.”
    • Salvatore Bonaccorso (Fall 2004 Winner): “Self-Discovery through Language in Omeros andWalden.”
    • Anne Wyman (Fall 2004 Honorable Mention): “Art Refracts Life.”
    • Yun Chu (Winter 2005 Winner): “The Analysis of Rational Violence in Bach’s St. Matthew Passion and Goethe’s Faust across Three Mediums: Literature, Music, and Art.”
    • Emily Dalton (Winter 2005 Honorable Mention): “Poetic Justice, Memory As A Moral Force."

    Boothe Prize essays for 2003-2004

    PWR Winners for 2003-2004

    • Joshua Smith (Spring 2003 Winner), "Conflict Diamonds: Resolving Africa's Worst Resource Wars."
    • Jennifer Cribbs (Spring 2003 Honorable Mention), "Darkness in the Vicious Kitchen: An Analysis of Feminist Themes and Suicidal Imagery in Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath's Poetry."
    • Rui Xiong Kee (Fall 2003 Winner), "Exploring the 'Communist' in the Communist Insurrection in Malaya."
    • Jasmine Hanifi (Fall 2003 Honorable Mention), "Belonging to America: Rhetoric of the Second Generation"
    • Andrew Leifer (Winter 2004 Winner), "Harry Potter and the Battle of International Copyright Law."
    • Hammad Ahmed (Winter 2004 Honorable Mention), "Grafting Cuba Onto the American Body Politic: The Intersection of Natural Science and Foreign Policy in the Annexationist Era."

    IHUM Winners for 2003-2004

    • Steph Abegg (Spring 2003 Winner), "Rome: The City of Gods."
    • Gloria Nguyen (Spring 2003 Honorable Mention), "In Search of the Perfect Love."
    • Anne Kalt (Fall 2003 Winner), "Perspectives on the Human Good."
    • Bob Hough (Fall 2003 Honorable Mention), "Faith in Death."
    • Patrick R. Callier (Winter 2004 Winner), "Matter, Systems, and Alternatives from the Americas by Borges."
    • Annie Kalt (Winter 2004 Honorable Mention), "Male and Female Love Worlds: Inherently Separate Landscapes?"

    Boothe Prize essays for 2002-2003

    PWR Winners for 2002-2003

    • Mari Hayman (Spring 2002 Honorable Mention), “Adoption Issues in Latin America: Behind the Silence and the Secrets.” Instructor: Carolyn Ross.
    • Jennifer Kong (Spring 2002 Honorable Mention), “Fulfilling Stanford's Commitment to Diversity: Eliminating Gender Bias and Increasing the Number of Tenured Women Faculty.”
    • Prabhu Balasubramanian (Fall 2002 Winner), “Pharmaceutical Patents: Life Savers or Profit Makers?"
    • Andre de Alencar Lyon (Fall 2002 Honorable Mention), “The Question of Textual Ideology in Changing Lanes.”
    • Eric Adamson (Winter 2003 Winner), “Malleability, Misrepresentation, Manipulation: The Rhetoric of Images in Economic Forecasting.”
    • David Craig (Winter 2003 Honorable Mention),“Instant Messaging: The Language of YouthLiteracy.”

    IHUM Winners for 2002-2003

    • Heather MacKintosh Sims (Spring 2002 Winner), "Reflections of an Empire: The British Celts as Indicators of Roman Self-Perception."
    • Jason Glick (Spring 2002 Honorable Mention), "Trading Land for Cultural Power: Anazaldua's and Cardenal's (Re)constructions of Mestiza Identity." 
    • Andre de Alencar Lyon (Fall 2002 Winner), “Traversing the Gap Between Reality and the Individual in Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse”
    • Liang Dong (Fall 2002 Honorable Mention), “State and Empire: (De)Construction of the National Identity.”
    • Luke Lindley (Winter 2003 Winner), “A Heap of Broken Images: Conflicting Narratives of Nature in Milton's 'Lycidas.'”
    • Brian Caliando (Winter 2003 Honorable Mention) “Don't Spazz: It's Not Rational and It's Not Moral”

    Boothe Prize essays for 2001-2002

    Boothe Prize essays for 2000-2001