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PWR Late Work Policy

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The Program in Writing and Rhetoric designs the sequenced curricula for PWR 1 and PWR 2 to lead you through a scaffolded writing and research experience.  Each assignment builds on previous assignments and leads to the next.  Each successive stage depends on the writing and research work you completed during earlier stages; thus missed work can disrupt your process and impede your progress toward achieving the learning goals of the assignments and overall course.

For this reason, you should complete your work on time, in alignment with the deadlines set by your instructor.  If you experience challenges that complicate your submitting your work on time, be sure to communicate your situation promptly to your instructor.  Your work may be subject to late work policies specified on the syllabus or assignment sheets.  Please note that, in most cases, the draft or revision for a major assignment cannot receive a passing grade if submitted later than two weeks after the original due date.  Submitting work over two weeks late may necessitate a meeting with the Associate Director to discuss your continued enrollment in the course. 

Please note that -- because of PWR's focus on the composition process and revision based on feedback -- in order to pass PWR, students must submit a draft and revision for each major assignment (PWR 1: rhetorical analysis, texts in conversation, research-based argument; PWR 2: written research proposal, research proposal presentation, genre/modes assignment, research essay, research presentation).  For PWR 2, participating in required rehearsals is part of the required "draft" stage for presentation assignments.