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Non-Stanford Undergraduate Journals (individual listings)

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When considering the different journals below, take note of the discipline/submission requirements and submission timeline (rolling or specific date).  Consider sending the editor an email if you have any inquiries and review past issues to get a sense of the range of accepted publications.


Aporia is an undergraduate journal of philosophy at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Aporia is published twice yearly: an online edition in the fall, and a print edition in the spring. The staff of Aporia consists of philosophy students at Brigham Young University. 

The Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research

“The Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research publishes original, scholarly research undertaken by undergraduates from any college or university. BJUR builds upon and strengthens Butler’s commitment to quality undergraduate research by providing an outlet for the publication of outstanding undergraduate scholarship across the humanities, social and natural sciences.” 

The Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History

“The Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History is a publication of the Undergraduate History Council at Columbia University. To solicit material, the Undergraduate History Council asks professors from history departments across the United States and internationally to nominate the most outstanding undergraduate work from their classes. They post all nominated articles, and then select from among them to be published in the Journal.” 

Consilience, The Journal of Sustainability Development - Columbia University

“Consilience is an online journal dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary dialogue on sustainable development. This journal aims to bring students, researchers, professors, and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and geographical regions in direct conversation with each other through an online, academically rigorous medium. Consilience publishes scholarly articles, opinion pieces, field notes, editorial columns and photo essays. By providing a public platform for discussion, we hope to encourage a global community to think more broadly, thoroughly, and analytically about sustainable development. The journal is run by a team of undergraduate and graduate students, under the guidance of faculty from Columbia University in the City of New York.” 

Critical Theory and Social Justice Journal of Undergraduate Research - Occidental College

“CTSJ is dedicated to providing a forum for undergraduate students to develop and share critical research and writing on the intersections of "race", "sexuality", and "nationality" as they relate to problems of social justice. The journal seeks to foster exchange of ideas across disciplines and deepen understandings of systems of injustice, and in this way advances the mission of Occidental College: to develop critical, thoughtful, and active participation in an increasingly pluralistic and conflict ridden global culture.”

The Dialectics: Undergraduate Journal Of Leadership, Politics, And Society -  Pennsylvania State University

“The Dialectics is an electronic journal devoted to undergraduate scholarship and discourse. The Journal welcomes high quality essays on issues of public importance.”

Food-Fueled - American University 

Food-Fueled is a new student journal on food systems. They accept submissions in four main categories: Sciences (nutrition, agriculture, food sciences, data modeling, health effects, etc.); International Politics and Policy (international food security initiatives, international sustainability and food policies, climate change summits and food sustainability, global health, etc.); Domestic Politics, Policy, and Law (food security and waste laws in the U.S., domestic food sustainability policies, sustainability efforts in the U.S., etc.); and Personal Prose and Local Journalism (poetry, prose, or journalistic pieces that are related to food). 

Global Spheres Journal - UC Santa Barbara

“Global Societies Journal (GSJ) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal based in the Global Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This interdisciplinary publication explores and analyzes globalization and global-scale issues from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. Our journal is seeking to publish articles that bridge the social science and humanities through a discussion of various global issues through an interdisciplinary approach.”

Inquiries Journal: Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities - Northeastern University

“INQUIRIES Journal, formerly Student Pulse, is an open-access academic journal that highlights the work of students at the undergraduate level and above. The journal publishes work across a range of academic disciplines with a particular focus on the social sciences, arts, and humanities.”

International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities - Pacific University

“A peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to the publication of outstanding scholarship by undergraduates and their mentors from academic institutions of higher learning. The Journal accepts submissions of research articles, fiction, poetry, photography, videos, and other creative works from undergraduate students in all academic disciplines.”

Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relation and Identity - Universite De Montreal

“Created at Université de Montréal, it is an international scientific peer-reviewed journal for undergraduate students. The JIRIRI’s goal is to promote creative and original ideas in social psychology and related fields, produced by undergraduate students worldwide. Undergraduate students are given the opportunity to either publish an empirical or theoretical manuscript, to review scientific manuscripts or to become part of the editorial team. The JIRIRI’s next goal is to diffuse its material to other professors and students that wish to use the peer-review process as a teaching tool.”

Journal of Sino-American Affairs

“The Journal of Sino-American Affairs is a student-led, student-run publication dedicated to broadening understanding of critical issues in the U.S.-China relationship among undergraduates, graduates, and the general public.”

Jur Press - Colorado State University

“JUR is a peer-reviewed, undergraduate journal registered with the Library of Congress that accepts submissions of any subject, from any undergraduate institution. We receive hundreds of submissions for publication every year, from institutions ranging from small liberal arts colleges to international institutions. The review process for publication includes peer, graduate, and faculty referees, ensuring that the Journal publishes competitive material that follows the Journal’s standards for academic, creative, and passionate work.”

The Monitor Journal of International Studies

“This journal out of William & Mary College publishes "articles with an international focus from many academic disciplines and topics including, but not limited to, international security, anthropology, comparative government, linguistics, environmental issues, literature, development, economics, relations, history, religion, sociology, and warfare."”

Penn Bioethics Journal

“The Penn Bioethics Journal (PBJ) is the premier peer-reviewed undergraduate bioethics journal. Established in 2004, the Journal provides a venue for undergraduates to make contributions to the field of bioethics. Embracing the interdisciplinarity of bioethics, PBJ reviews and publishes original work addressing debates in medicine, technology, philosophy, public policy, law, theology, and ethics, among other disciplines.”

Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship

“ Published quarterly, Process seeks to engage and cultivate timely and stakes-driven conversations among undergraduates across campuses, encouraging students to actively participate in contemporary academia and public scholarship. These conversations cover a range of topics, but we are especially committed to submissions that demonstrate rigorous engagement with issues of social justice, transformative education, politics, identity, and cultural production. We accept two general types of submissions: critical essays and non-traditional (or multimodal) compositions, such as poems, short stories, or digital artifacts.”

Queen City Writers

QCW is a refereed journal that publishes essays and multimedia work by undergraduate students affiliated with any post-secondary institution. We seek thought-provoking pieces from any disciplinary perspective that explore questions and problems related to writing, rhetoric, reading, pedagogy and teacher-training, literacy broadly conceived, popular culture and media, community discourses, and multimodal and digital composing. Issues are published twice a year in fall and spring.”

Rhettech Undergraduate Journal

The name ‘RhetTech’ refers to the genres of works the journal accepts: ‘Rhet’refers to Rhetoric, and ‘Tech’ refers to Technical Communication. We accept a variety of content, including: text-based essays, videos, podcasts, photo essays, reviews, websites, blogs, and many more. We encourage student writers to utilize all of the tools at their disposal to communicate the messages they wish to share with readers.' This journal is run out of James Madison University.

Synergy: The Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies

“Synergy Journal is an undergraduate academic journal housed at the Asian Institute of the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto. Our journal seeks to publish the world’s premier undergraduate work pertaining to the study of contemporary Asia, specifically on the current political, historical, social, and/or economic developments in the Asia region. Synergy is currently listed with the Library and Archives Canada”

Synthesis: Undergraduate History of Science Journal -  Harvard University

“In 2009, Synthesis was launched by a group of Harvard students who endeavored to provide a venue to further the collaboration between undergraduate history of science institutions. Each year the members of Synthesis has worked to expand their readership to students and faculty in programs involving the history of philosophy of science, technology, and medicine.”

UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal

“The UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal showcases the premier undergraduate research in Comparative Literature across the world. The Journal welcomes submissions working in, around, or critically engaging with topics in Literature from a comparative nature, broadly conceived, such as interdisciplinary research across disciplines within the arts and sciences, research engaging with literary theory and schools of thought or criticism. CLUJ provides undergraduate students around the world the opportunity to publish and share their research with an international audience.”

Undergraduate Journal of Contemporary Issues and Media

"The Undergraduate Journal of Contemporary Issues and Media examines issues that are relevant across global contexts, though they may be uniquely identified and experienced by individuals and groups. The on-line journal publishes a wide range of media/texts showcasing different perspectives and ideas. Each contribution provides a more novel and holistic understanding of an issue that otherwise could not be gained through one medium. Both traditional and nontraditional media will be represented in the form of essays, fiction, poetry, radio/podcasts, art, etc. Our deadline is flexible in that submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Submissions should be sent to:"

Vanderbilt Historical Review

"Vanderbilt Historical Review is a student-run undergraduate journal of history. The Review strives to provide a forum thta is dedicated to facilitating dialogue on topics relating to history and historiography. Students may submit original research papers, short interest articles, book/movie reviews, interviews, and photographs to us. We are looking for pieces that exhibit originality, clarity, and a strong relevance to history. Book/movie reviews and interviews may cover any topic that directly focuses on the past, or the past as we interpret it today. To learn more about how to submit your research paper, please visit our submissions page."


"Xchanges is an interdisciplinary Technical Communication, Writing/Rhetoric, and Writing Across the Curriculum journal, which publishes two issues annually from its home in the English Department at the University of New Mexico. Our Fall issue each year features undergraduate research. Our Spring issue features graduate-student research. In each undergraduate issue, we publish theses and research projects of upper-level undergraduate students. Our graduate-student issues feature MA- and Ph.D.-level original research from emerging professionals in our focal fields. We receive submissions from students from a wide array of institutions across the country and abroad. Our faculty review board, comprised of TC, Comp/Rhet, and WAC faculty from throughout the U.S., reviews these submissions on a blind basis. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines to submit their work to Xchanges, either as traditional articles or as multimodal webtexts."

Young Scholars in Writing

"Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric publishes research and theoretical articles from undergraduates on writing, writers, rhetoric, discourse, language, and related topics."